Save time and increase efficiency with system-supported translation management

Those responsible for communications and IR have long since noticed it: The challenges of producing a regulation-compliant and at the same time high-quality annual report are not diminishing. This is also the case, for example, with the demanding language versions, where, for reasons of time, translations can only very rarely be started after the master language has been completed. In most cases, translation and editing take place in parallel and hand in hand in all languages

High standards must be met

However, at the latest when changes are demanded by the regulator, investors, the auditing company or the company's own board of directors, it is clear that something has to change. For those responsible for the annual report at EnBW, such challenges were the reason to also think about the translation process when introducing a new editorial system. Because "right" is important, the company commissioned its long-standing business partner Advertext with ns.publish and the translate plus module. Want to learn more about Advertext and how they work? Wolfgang Wiese from Advertext is looking forward to hearing from you. Wolfgang Wiese from Advertext is looking forward to your message.

"With the translate plus translation management module from ns.publish, we are directly involved in the creation process and can support EnBW quickly and efficiently. It simplifies the project for the customer and for us. I wish more of our customers would use"
Wolfgang Wiese, Overall Management, Advertext, Düsseldorf

Focus on process

To make this part easier for companies and corporations like EnBW, our experts developed the module. This allows authors, translators and proofreaders to work in the same software environment. And that's not all: the module enables direct connection (in-house and with external editorial staff) and provides the translation services with access to company jargon and corporate glossary. At the push of a button, the translations then find their way back into the layout automatically - once, or repeatedly throughout the process if adjustments and follow-up translations are due. EnBW has been using the ns.publish system and also the module for years and confirms the increase in efficiency and reduction in errors.

"This system has organized and simplified our entire process. The increased automation has allowed us to reduce the error rate, especially towards the end of the translation process, where previously a lot of things had to be done manually, and we save a lot of time in these critical phases."
Anja Kraft, Editing and Project Management, EnBW AG, Karlsruhe, Germany

Translation Management

translate plus enables a consistent and automated translation process - in multiple languages and with minimal time expenditure:

  • Efficiently handle publications in multiple languages
  • Trigger initial and subsequent translations at the push of a button
  • No manual work steps necessary (copy/paste)
  • Cockpit provides an overview of all jobs at all times
  • Simple connection of translation service providers
  • Error reduction through automation
  • Soon also available for

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