Built-in functionalities according to the "single source of truth" approach

Proven system solutions for the new ESEF and ESG requirements

Are you dealing with the digitization of your report and are you looking for a solution for your online report? Do you need an ESEF solution? Do you want to communicate about your sustainability and automate your ESG reporting?
Automation for annual reports

Why STADA relies on an innovative software solution

A number of people are involved in countless workflows when preparing interim and annual reports. Investor relations and sustainability managers, financial experts, editors, layouters, translators, auditors, proofreaders, web and print specialists - they all play their part in getting a high-quality report published on time. The pressure to perform is enormous. So why not make ...

Online and ESG Reporting

Study "Online Reporting 2021"

The new study "Online Report Perspektiven 2021" is available now (in German) and shows essential findings: Online reports prominently address sustainability issues. However, the number of integrated reports remains rather low. Only just under 10 percent of the KPIs shown in the overview are ESG key figures. About 20 percent of the reports present the ...