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Migros Online Report

Migros was the first major Swiss company to publish its annual report as an online-only report back in 2009. Now, Switzerland's largest private employer is once again taking a future-oriented step: The Online Report 2021 has been redesigned in terms of content and visuals and technically relaunched with

With the publishing solution, which was specially developed for online reports, Migros consistently relies on the "online first" reporting approach, autonomous editing processes and automatically generated PDFs. This means that the people responsible for the topics can enter content independently. The subsequent editing and translation process was mapped in the tool with a process tailored to Migros' needs. The annual report is published in four languages. It is all the more valuable if all partners involved in the production process can access the current content at any time and generate PDFs for individual chapters or the entire report at the touch of a button.

The pioneer in reporting has also created an innovation together with our partner agency Hej by involving the next generation in the company in the conception of the report. In the "Reporting Academy", internal "young talents", i.e. apprentices and trainees, work together with reporting experts to develop the Migros Annual Report of the future, which is also accessible and understandable for younger people. In this first year, a close, authentic video interview with the President of the Administration and the President of the General Management of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives was created.

To the online report:

Idea, concept and design: Hej
Film production: Filmgerberei GmbH
Technical realization: NeidhartSchön AG
Publishing system mms solutions ag
Photography: Claudia Link