Dermapharm relies on ns.publish and SPARKS CONSULTING

“From zero to hundred” with a new reporting solution

The listed pharmaceutical manufacturer Dermapharm from Grünwald/Munich has been relying on ns.publish for the Annual Report 2022 or ESG Report 2022 for several months. The team around Britta Hamberger (IR) and Kai Amann (IFRS) is supported by Certified Integration Partner SPARKS CONSULTING in Munich in terms of content, creativity and also technology.

"The change from completely manual with agency detours to largely automated workflows with direct integration of the specialist departments was a trip from zero to one hundred for us in record time, worked smoothly and brought the desired success." This is how Britta Hamberger succinctly describes her experience with the changeover and the advantages of the system. And she continues: "We were able to produce our reports much more easily, quickly and efficiently. In the process, we also took a big step forward in terms of content and design."

Dermapharm was supported in the changeover by the annual reports agency SPARKS CONSULTING from Munich, which had proposed ns.publish as a technical solution and had prevailed in terms of content and creativity with a new overall concept. Creative director Kathrin Bregulla played a key role in the conception and implementation of the current reports. The new reports focus on clear spotlighting – i.e. on picking up on key aspects of the equity story for shareholders, investors and analysts and presenting them in a creatively appealing yet informative way. In the course of the redesign, all reports were changed from portrait to landscape format. The agency also provided technical support for the process – from system setup to training and user support.

Kathrin Bregulla comments: "I would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank our contact partners. For us, this was and is not only an exciting project, but Dermapharm was also the perfect and a very sympathetic customer. He has always listened with curiosity to how we could, for example, reorganize the processes - selects the best and most possible for himself and then implements it consistently and with commitment together with us. Technically - but also in terms of content, design. It was fun."

Dermapharm (DMPHF), headquartered in Grünwald near Munich, is a high-growth manufacturer of branded pharmaceuticals, medical products and nutritional supplements. In the "Branded Medicinal Products and Other Health Products" segment, Dermapharm markets more than 1,200 drug­approvals with over 380 active pharmaceutical ingredients. Mit einem Umsatz von 1,025 Mio. € erzielte das Unternehmen ein bereinigtes EBITDA von 360 Mio. €.

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