ESEF / XBRL under control

ESEF Reporting according to the Single Source of Truth approach

Publish machine-readable annual reports with the built-in approach of ns.publish and solve the new regulatory requirements from a single data source.

With the ‘xbrl plus‘ module we enable you to implement EU regulation simply and intuitively. The integrated solution for the new ESEF reporting, with which you retain full control at all times. Thanks to working from a single data source (Single Source of Truth) and thanks to the possibility to edit your figures immediately and publish them automatically.

The benefits:

  • Integrated approach without any change of platforms
  • Requires no manual intervention by external specialists
  • XBRL Implementation (ESEF) and financial report realization from one data source (single-source-of-truth approach)
  • Automated and system-supported change management
  • Notes integrated in the system and conformity for future ESMA regulations ensured
  • xbrl plus generates all of the content, i.e. the entire annual report, on the fly in XTML format. This offers a clear advantage over most common solutions, which are limited to the financial section of the report
  • Customer-specific taxonomy extensions are directly integrated
  • Secure, web-based cloud solution


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