Premiere after the IPO

Design and realization of an annual report after the IPO

Herewith we share some experiences related to the design and realization of the first report after the IPO.

Content structure
A table of contents is a prerequisite both for the page planning of a printed document (or a PDF) and for the sitemap of an online report. For the design concept of the title hierarchies, it should reflect the structure of the annual report in as much detail as possible. As a rule, the financial report dictates the number of title sizes, as its content is the most finely structured. Tables of contents of annual reports follow conventions. Researching related companies in advance will save a lot of effort.

Visual appearance
What visual guidelines exist for the design of the annual report? Is there a design template from the agency that also designed the brand identity and a detailed corporate design manual? If not, the design can usually be derived from existing publications, such as the corporate website. In this way, design principles such as the use of corporate colors and corporate fonts can be interpreted. The logo file is usually already available in a suitable format, preferably as a vectorized EPS. Using the first publication of the annual report as the occasion for a redesign requires early planning.

Table design
The biggest chunk of an annual report is naturally the financial section and increasingly the publication of non-financial figures. Table design is therefore at the very beginning of the work. If Excel tables are automatically transferred to the layout via the editorial system, they must be designed and coded in advance. This work step must be adequately taken into account in the planning.

Frequency of reporting
The first report after the IPO can also be the semi-annual report. The smaller size makes it possible to approach the large publication at the end of the fiscal year and to gain experience. Our solutions are not only suitable for the very big players, but also for medium-sized companies with a demand for professional reporting.

Print or online first
Many technical and design aspects depend on this decision. Clarifying the issues involved is a high priority. Even if one decides in favor of the PDF, the greatest common denominator among the forms of publication. The PDF is a must, not only for electronic distribution after publication, but also in advance for internal consultations. Read more in the article "Pro and contra PDF" (in German, from our sister company NeidhartSchön).

Best Practices
Annual reports of companies published after IPO or change of name:
- Bystronic (change of name)
- Epic Suisse (semi-annual report as of end of September 2022)
- PolyPeptide
- Software One
- Stadler (PDF download)

Would you like more implementation examples for inspiration or would you like to talk to us? We look forward to hearing from you.