Tips & Tricks

Change tracking made easy

Tip 1: Automated, individual text export with “milestone plus

Our ns.publish modules allow you to trigger a direct Word export at the push of a button. You can choose whether you want to export a single chapter or the entire publication. Access to this function can be found on the portal page in the “Websites” tab via the ns.publish modules.


To be able to create such an export, click on “milestone plus” in the navigation on the right hand side and then select a chapter or the entire publication in the overview list (in the example below, a single chapter). Under “Brand”, enter a unique name to identify the file and, if necessary, add further information in the comment field. Now release the milestone by clicking on the “Create milestone” button. Please note that no article in the affected documents may be opened in InCopy during this time. The milestone is visible after creation under “Saved milestone” and can be downloaded for further use.



A maximum of fifteen milestones are stored on the platform. Afterwards, any milestones that are no longer required must be deleted manually before a new export can be started.


To ensure that exports also function at chapter level and not only at publication level, this must first be set up by your project manager.



Tip 2: Direct Change Tracking

In addition, the system offers you the possibility to create a direct comparison between two created milestones for a change tracking. To do this, mark two saved milestones and trigger the comparison via the “Compare” button. The comparison is visible under “Last comparison” and can also be downloaded for further use. A comparison is only possible on the same level (publication vs. publication, chapter A vs. chapter A, chapter B vs. chapter B, etc.).


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