Automation of financial and ESG data by interconnecting systems

The date of the annual media conference is irrevocable. Thus, corporate reporting is subject to a tight schedule and demands absolute correctness.

Every opportunity must be seized to avoid mistakes and duplications. These are particularly unforgivable when publishing figures and tables. And yet they happen, often due to the high time pressure. With our intelligent systems, you can transfer data directly and automatically from Microsoft Excel. Regardless of whether it is financial or ESG data. Without restrictions in the design of your online or print-oriented publications, you edit the figures and tables in your specialised tools. Every change is automatically transferred to the report layout - for identical figures in all languages, even in the text. Each work step is precisely logged and guarantees maximum security.

The advantages at a glance

  • Transfer numbers automatically into the layout
  • Works for tables and numbers in the text (automatic language specific presentation)
  • Identical numbers in all languages
  • No restrictions in the report design
  • Disclosure management functionalities such as interface to consolidation via balance lists
    • Dashboard with countless control options
    • Rounding
    • Roll forward
    • Dictionary with synapsis
    • etc.
  • Each work step is precisely logged

Gain maximum security and full autonomy for your responsible positions in Controlling or Sustainability/ESG Management.

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