Premiere after the IPO

Design and realization of an annual report after the IPO

An IPO requires professional reporting in accordance with strict regulatory requirements. The preparation of annual and semi-annual reports up to their punctual publication poses numerous challenges for companies. NeidhartSchön was allowed to accompany some clients during their Initial Public Offering (IPO).
Trends in Online and ESG Reporting

Study Online Reporting ’22

If the topics in reporting change, so must the analyses. This year's study, "Online Reporting Perspectives 2022" (in German) is based on an enhanced research design and collects, among other things, further insights into how companies deal with sustainability and the EU taxonomy. As in previous years, the study examines the development of digital reporting ...

Best Practice ns.publish

Vonovia Online Report

For the first time, the German real estate group Vonovia creates its annual report online and uses the publishing system ns.publish with numerous modules including ESEF/XBRL and a fully integrated translation function.